Political Science

political science

What was the biggest disagreement during the Constitutional convention? What were the plans that were proposed and what was the compromise? – What are the functions of a Constitution? Give me examples of each function. – I want to spend more money on the military. How does my bill become law. Start in the correct …

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literature review

Those are 2 references i already have. I need a total of 5 including those 2. They need to be about women in health care with elderly patients. References Karaca, A., & Durna, Z. (2019). Patient satisfaction with the quality of nursing care. Nursing Open, 6(2), 535-545. Women and Caregiving: Facts and figures. (2013, July …

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The learning of music

demonstrate an important issue within their major or Liberal Studies concentration is rooted in the classical liberal arts. Again, the primary goal is to lead discussion through a presentation of the relationship between a specific modern discipline (student’s major or LS concentration) and the classic “academic” arts that founded that modern discipline. Use topic : …

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Federalism Assignment

Federalism Assignment View the Grading Rubric. Write an essay between 450 – 500 words that contains the following paragraphs. Utilize material from Chapter 3 to complete this assignment: Short introduction describing federalism. Describe at least two arguments in favor of states having more power than the national government and at least two arguments in favor …

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Immigration, Income Inequality, and Globalization

View the Grading Rubric. Explore this simulation about income inequality: http://inequality.is/. Create a word-processing document (e.g.Microsoft Word) and write 300-350 words. Choose one of the following topics highlighted in Chapter 4: Immigration Income inequality Globalization Go to the FOX News website and the CNN website and find a news story that addresses the topic that …

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Poll Interpreting

View the Grading Rubric. Create a word-processing document (e.g. Microsoft Word). Go to Polling Report. https://pollingreport.com/ You will see hundreds of survey results on interesting current events. Select two survey results on two different topics that are currently in the news. Select results for one date, which may appear as just one date (e.g., October …

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This is a research proposal on the concept of de-democratization or the democratic backlash. Please check this article to have an idea on the concept: Understanding the Current Age of De-Democratization – McGill Journal of Political Studies (ssmu.ca) The paper should be a proposal so there should be an introduction, research questions, research methodology You …

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Social Movements Assignment

Social Movements Assignment View the Grading Rubric. Choose a social movement discussed in the book chapter. Pick One: The Abolitionist Movement The Populist Movement The Women’s Suffrage Movement The Labor Movement The Civil Rights Movement Contemporary Antiwar Movements The Women’s Movement The Environmental Movement The Gay and Lesbian Movement The Religious Conservative Movement The Anti-Globalization …

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