you will be consulting readings and videos about the Kanneh-Mason family, compr

you will be consulting readings and videos about the Kanneh-Mason family,
comprising seven siblings — ranging from tweens to twenties — who all play music, classical and
otherwise. The family is in the public spotlight, but a few siblings have also embarked on solo careers.
Since this is a response paper, it should have a measure of objectivity, but should mostly express your
subjective views and personal reflections. Write in your own voice, letting your mind go in any
direction you like. This is not a formal paper, so you have some freedom in how to structure it, but do
include a brief introduction and conclusion. Citations or footnotes are not required.
Important — do not write a mere summation of the topic for your whole essay, as in “Person (x) did
this; event (y) happened, music (z) was played,” and so on. A brief synopsis is fine, but you can
assume that your reader knows the basics of the family’s story. Above all, this assignment is an
exercise in critical thinking. As you process the source materials, look for meaning both within the
topic and outside it. I am happy to read drafts.
Source materials are in the Response Paper 1 module, inside Learning Cloud’s General Course Items
or the Assignments page. Feel free to consult other sources; if you do, include links at the end.
Some suggestions to draw from, or not, as you wish:
• Notions of representation — racial, youth, familial, other
• The family’s cultural impact
• Aspects of the music itself; of performance
• Aspects of race in classical music
• Parallels to other arts; other areas of interest
• The role of education; any value in music education; how to fund such education
• The parents’ roles

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