The following 6 short stories are what the questions are on. I will provide the

The following 6 short stories are what the questions are on. I will provide the questions to be answered. This format should be Question listed then answer to follow. Make sure these are plagirism free and truly put the time into this assignment. I will have questions attached in a document also.
6 Short Stories-
“Seventeen Syllables,”
“The Red Convertible,”
“Two Kinds,”
“This is What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona,”
“Everyday Use.”
Questions for assignment-
1. Discuss the cultural/historical/religious elements you can identify in “Seventeen Syllables” “Two Kinds” Share specific examples from texts. How do the family relationships and cultural practices differ from yours?
2. “Red Convertible” and “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” both depict Native American Tribal culture. What themes or major points do you think Erdrich and Alexie are trying to make about mainstream American culture v Native American Culture. What images or ways do the authors make these points? Again, provide examples.
3. We’ve studied three stories depicting African-American culture within the last two weeks–“Everyday Use” “Party Down at the Square” “Sweat,” what have you taken away from these stories about African Americans. What tensions do you see in the texts? Have these tensions changed over time? What themes do you see in each, and do you see any commonalities of these themes. Provide examples to support your assertions.
4. During the first third of the course, we have read several stories by women writers pick one from a modernist or contemporary writer and one from an earlier writer and discuss the ways in which the worlds of women are depicted? What seems to have changed and what has seemingly stayed the same over time? Be specific. Give a detailed response.

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