Suggested prompts: Where do I see myself in this movie? Who was a victim? What a

Suggested prompts:
Where do I see myself in this movie? Who was a victim? What assumptions did people make about others? Were actions prompted by fear, hate, prejudice, power, helplessness, or something else?
Answer one of the following questions.
1. In his review, Roger Ebert says, “One thing that happens, again and again [in the film], is that peoples’ assumptions prevent them from seeing the actual person standing before them.” ~ ~ Choose one scene and point out the specific assumptions that prevent one character from seeing another character as an actual person standing before [him/her].
2. Some of criticized the film for reinforcing stereotypes instead of eliminating them. What do you think this movie accomplishes?
3. Imagine one scene where you have the power to push the pause button and change an event? What would you have done if you were that character with the same context, circumstances and background? Why?
4. At certain points in the film our sympathies with a character are altered almost instantly. Where does this happen and how is it achieved?
5. Think about your own assumptions. Are they useful? Are they okay? Who do you make eye contact with? Who do you feel safe around? Do our choices reinforce damaging racial or other kinds of stereotypes? Do we react differently to the person who cuts us off in traffic depending on their color, gender, age, or other observation we might make? Do we smile at one stranger and then flinch at the next?
6. What responsibility do we have for interrupting oppression? What are some of the challenges? What are some of the opportunities on this campus and in our communities?
Required prompt:
What is the connection to this movie and EDUC 2301?
Warning: Remember, I have watched this film; you don’t need to give me a summary of it.

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