Read the following modules in the Technology for Success textbook: Module 3: Co

Read the following modules in the Technology for Success textbook:
Module 3: Computer Hardware (pages CC 3-1 to CC 3-28)
Module 4: Operating Systems and File Management (pages CC 4-1 to CC 4-21)
Module 5: Software and Apps (pages CC 5-1 to CC 5-33)
Next, create a new Microsoft Word document (.docx). In 2-3 pages, answer the following questions:
1) What does it mean to live in a “modern information society?”
2) What types of input and output devices would be ideal for a college student completing his or her coursework?
3) Sarah Jones is a coder who is working with a team to create a new mobile operating system. At their last meeting, the team discussed whether to make the code open source or closed source. What are benefits to each for the developer and for the user? What responsibility does the developer have to ensure the quality of an open source program?
4) Leah Jacobs is starting her own dance studio and wants to use productivity software to support her business. What programs and apps should she consider using to run her business and what functions do they support?
Class Textbook:
Cable, S. E., Campbell, J. T., Ciampa, M., Freund, S. M., Frydenberg, M., Hooper, R. E., Monk, E. F., Ruffolo, L., Sebok, S. L., and Vermaat, M. E. (2020). Technology for Success and Shelly Cashman Series Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2019. Boston, MA: Cengage. ISBN: 9780357026380

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