Provide a detailed, succinct, and well-written response to the following prompt,

Provide a detailed, succinct, and well-written response to the following prompt, which focuses on works from the M4 – Online Learning Resources page. Your response should be 150–200 words long—no less, no more—which is basically the length of these instructions. You may review any course material before writing your response, including the provided Khan Academy articles, though it must be completely your own work and should not include any ideas or wording from this material. Absolutely no outside research is permitted for this assignment! Introduce your chosen work for this response by using the artist’s name and properly-punctuated work title, as modeled in the prompt. After doing so the first time, you may simply refer to your chosen work as “the work” or “the painting” for the remainder of your response. Finally, you are encouraged to review the grading rubric before beginning work on this assignment in order to be as successful as possible.
Using descriptive criticism, compare the use of line and color in Chris Ofili’s The Holy Virgin Mary with that in Tenzing Rigdol’s Pin drop silence: Eleven-headed Avalokiteshvara. Specifically, what types of lines are dominant in each work? What types of colors are dominant in each work? Are these two works more similar or different in their use of line and color? After providing your detailed descriptive criticism of these two works—which should not include any interpretation or evaluation—close your analysis with a single sentence stating which work you believe better expresses values, including which value(s), based only on its use of line and color. Please note that you should avoid using such colloquialisms as “the color really popped” in your analysis as they are not academically meaningful.

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