just the IMC plan delivery part.especially made the budget and timeline. The cam

just the IMC plan delivery part.especially made the budget and timeline.
The campaign is called “Netflix moment” and emphasises Netflix’s ability to tell stories with its audience anywhere, anytime. The main target groups are: the 25-35 year olds, which is the main existing audience for Netflix (to get them to share their Netflix moment); and the 55-65 year olds, which is the smallest audience Netflix is attracting right now (to encourage them to create and Netflix moment. Examples include Netflix romantic moment, Netflix friends moment, Netflix family moment. Video release of different types of commercials, production of posters for release. Timeline: October 2022 – October 2023. Ancillary activities: co-branded products with other brands, e.g. Netflix unique moment, use of popular Netflix IPs such as strange things, etc. / release of talking points on different holidays and seasons in the timeline, e.g. Father’s Day, Netflix father moment, Christmas, Netflix charismas moment, etc. Summer Netflix summer moment. queen’s memorial, Netflix UK moment. lgbt UK week, NETFLIX pride moment/ Create appropriate topics and posters for popular UK episodes released during this period, The Crown (can be linked to the Queen’s memorial), sex education ( teen theme). At the end of 2022, create an annual wrap-up video “2022 netflix moment”. This will include Netflix content, viewers, and staff moments with the brand.
Mediums to be used, online: YouTube campaign in October, videos and posters on ins and twitter to kick off the ‘Netflix moment’ conversation for a month or so; then plan according to festivals, series releases, UK seasonal events, offline. Outdoor posters for 3 months in October, newspapers and magazines for 3 months and again for festivals and seasonal events. 2022 end of year video, electronic screens in picadally square.
Details can be optimised.

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