Illustrate the planning framework (use chapter 6 in your text as a guide) by dev

Illustrate the planning framework (use chapter 6 in your text as a guide) by developing an outline and short description of a group that you have been a part of facilitating, have observed, or might want to implement in the future.
Examples of groups could be anger management, caregiver, parenting, substance abuse, patient groups. Please use questions below to help with the development of this assignment.
Establish the Group’s Purposes: What do you hope to accomplish? What is realistic? How will you know if you achieved the group’s purpose?
Assess the Potential Sponsorship and Membership: What agency might be appropriate to sponsor this group and why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having this agency sponsor the group? What is the extent of the need? How else is the need met in the community? What is the level of support within the agency? What resources exist within the agency? What are the characteristics of members who should be invited to participate? Who should be excluded? What is the level of motivation of members? What are the incentives for membership? What are the barriers, obstacles, and drawbacks to member participation? How will these be overcome?
Recruitment Methods: What are the most likely sources of clients? What recruitment methods will be used? What about feature newspaper stories, radio and TV appearances, and websites?
Composing the Group: What composition issues will you consider? What are the special considerations given the problem being addressed and the potential membership?
Screening and Orienting Members: What screening criteria will be used? What are some of the key points in orienting members?
Contracting: How will contracting for group procedures be accomplished? How will contracting for group goals be achieved?
Preparing the Groups Environment: Consider physical setting, financial, and special arrangements.

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