Hello and thank you kindly for your time! I am writing a medical thesis on DID a

Hello and thank you kindly for your time!
I am writing a medical thesis on DID and I am having trouble finding the right words for the conclusion. If you are available to help me, I am looking for 4-10 pages concerning the observation of DID as both a medical diagnosis and a cultural phenomenon. The topics I recommend to mention (in any order) are the following:
– DID is the most severe form of Dissociative Disorder, along DDNOS;
– People with DID are not dangerous people but actually survivors of severe traumas. The stigma around multiple personalities must be erased from popular belief, on behalf of the patients’ safety;
– DID systems of alters show how hyper-organized and fascinating the human mind really is;
– criticism of the media interpretation of DID (e.g. cinematography by M. Night Shyamalan; use of DID as a plot twist in narratives of violence, emphasizing the ideal that patients with DID are dangerous and violent)
– DID is not a rare condition; incest and child abuse (from which pathologic dissociation derives) are a pandemic in modern sociaty, but people are not willing to accept this reality. It is still treated as a taboo and this must stop
– mention of platforms, activists, and associations for DID awareness (e.g. First Person Plural, UK organization)
Do not worry too much about layout and fonts, as I will take care of them myself.
Attached, you will find the introduction I wrote for the thesis, so as to provide you with a general idea to start off from. The document contains useful references to study, in case of need, including a very useful video/interview (N.B. timestamp 18:44).
For any need or doubt, I remain at your full disposal. Againt, Thank you kindly for your time and consideration. Good luck!

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