For this activity, you will complete a presentation on the effect of interest ra

For this activity, you will complete a presentation on the effect of interest rate on small businesses in the United States, Use Microsoft PowerPoint for this activity.
You are not expected to become an expert on this topic. Apply these rules to the facts of this very brief case:
Someone you know has knowledge of an impending merger between two companies. The combination of the two firms will certainly change the market dynamics of the industry. Moreover, owners of stock in both companies will greatly benefit once the news of the merger is publicly announced.
Project Requirements
Your presentation must consist of 6 to 7 slides that are clear, legible and address the following:
Discuss the effects of interest rate on small businesses in America.
You must include a title slide in addition to the six to seven slides. The title page must include:
The title of the project
Your Name
Professor Name
University Name
Date of Submission
Each slide will include a bulleted list highlighting important aspects of your research.
Details of your research and citations will be presented in the notes section of each slide in the presentation.
Your final presentation is due in Unit 6 and you will have the next three units to work to complete the project. Once you’re finished, you will post a copy of your final presentation in the week 6 Assignment submission area for grading.
Presentations will be assessed on both content (how well the legal, ethical and economic-social issues are addressed), as well as organization and grammar. Your presentation content must look professional and adhere to the standard presentation format. Therefore, check all content for grammar, spelling and to ensure that you have properly cited all sources used in the creation of the presentation using APA format. In other words, although your notes are cited, the slides are not cited. As a group, keep in mind the purpose of a presentation as it applies to an audience.

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