First select a type of reproductive cancer (e.g. prostate, breast, testicular, c

First select a type of reproductive cancer (e.g. prostate, breast, testicular, cervical,
ovarian, uterine), then answer the following questions:
1. – What are the symptoms?
2. – What are the risk factors?
3. • How is it diagnosed?
How is it treated?
• Who are local providers? (e.g., clinics, hospitals, treatment centers in
Lincoln/Nebraska that provide treatment for this type of Cancer)
Be spectac in our responses. For example, if Cancer A is treated with drugs, mention
what kind of drug, what it does, and so forth. Avoid making statements such as, “Cancer
A is treated with medicine.” without examples and further detail.
Your assignment will be graded on the following criteria:
• Your assignment should be written in 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced, and
1-inch margins.
• Upload a Word .doc or .docx file type only.
• Your assignment should be at least 650 words. If you are under the limit, points will be
deducted. If you are over the limit, nothing beyond 5.5 pages will be counted toward the
assignment’s points
Your sources (no minimum number) may be drawn from material you find useful (e.g.,
articles in scholarly or popular publications, websites), but do not use personal blogs as
your source of information.
• Becauge this is a research assignment that requires a search for information, the course
textbook and lectures cannot be used as sources.
• If you use four or more words directly from a source without putting them in your own
words, you must use quotes or it is considered plagiarism.
• Assignments must be submitted before the deadline. Late submission will result in a
deduction of 2 points per day.
Important notes:
– Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any student found of plagiarizing (i.e., a high
percentage on their Turnitin report) will suffer consequences that will be determined by the instucter

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