Customer Service Project – MAN 4162 An adapted case study retrieved from https:/

Customer Service Project – MAN 4162
An adapted case study retrieved from
Assignment Guidelines:
Overview: This is a 2 part project. Read the provided Case Study immediately following the Assignment
You have been hired by T-Mobile as a consultant whose company specializes in retaining customers and
improving service policies and actions. Give your company a professional name. Your company has been
tasked with creating an updated customer service policy for T-Mobile to address the main issue in the
case study.
Word count/Formatting: In no more than 1000 words (not including cover/reference pages), use the
APA template to format your paper. Your formatting must be consistent with APA guidelines, including
separate cover and reference pages, consistent double spacing throughout, Level 1 and 2 headings as
needed. Correct formatting for references and in-text citations.
Review: The grading rubric and familiarize yourself with the criteria which will be used to grade this
Cite: A minimum of 2 credible sources, consistent with APA guidelines (Your textbook is one source).
Blogs and Wikipedia are not considered reputable sources. Sources that appear in your references must
have corresponding in-text citations.
Due in Module 2
Part 1: APA formatted Professional Report*. Address the following:
 Overview of (Your Consulting Company).
 Summary of the main points of the case and overview of T-Mobile’s current customer service
 Recommendations for a revised customer service policy.
 Long-term impact of implementing the revised customer service policy, based on any of the
concepts outlined in the textbook.
*Professional Report – Style of voice for your paper must be professional. It is expected by the client that
you will provide a professional objective analysis. In other words, do not insert your personal opinions or
experience. Allow the secondary data (sources you incorporate) to speak for itself. Your role is to present
the data and provide a professional analysis based on the theory you are reading about in the textbook. If
you use first-person pronouns such as “I” or “me” you are not on track to meet the style of voice expected
for a professional report.
Due in Module 5
Part 2 – Video Presentation:
 Using any combination of Adobe Software, Powerpoint, Prezi, and/or Zoom, create an engaging
video presentation for the client. (Remember to include your References on the last slide!)
 Use a design theme and include pictures and other graphics, not just plain text on slides.
 Record yourself giving a 2-3 minute presentation of your report.
 Your video should be clear, concise, and professional summing up the main points of the report.
(In other words, give me the highlights, not the entire game.)
 You are expected to dress professionally for your video and present on the main topics of your
report similar to if you were in a classroom.
 Your video must be a screenshare, meaning I should be able to see you and your slideshow on
screen simultaneously.
 Copy and paste the link to your video on a word document and upload the file to the Blackboard
 Video files are large and sometimes too big for the Blackboard drop box. Programs such as Zoom
will allow to convert your video to an mp.4, you can save it to your one drive (IRSC’s free cloud
service!) and then submit using the step above.
Your video presentation will be evaluated on the thoroughness, clarity, professionalism, and
creativity of the presentation.
Case Overview:
T-Mobile had a customer calling about a billing issue with his new phone. When he didn’t get the desired
help, he decided to reach the phone carrier through Twitter. The rep dealing with the issue apparently
changed the customer’s name to “Idiot,” which the customer saw the next time he logged into his account.
He posted his account of the incident online, which reasonably led to poor press for T-Mobile.
Customer Overview:
Luke, a T-Mobile customer from Chicago, signed up for an iPhone 7 promo in September 2019.
The promotion promised a free iPhone 7 if you’re upgrading from an iPhone 6S, with the “free” part
meaning you pay for the device upfront, and receive bill credits for the phone over the next 24 months.
Unfortunately, those bill credits were not applied, even though numerous full billing cycles had passed
since the phone arrived in October 2019. It’s a common problem among T-mobile customers and one that
usually takes a few rounds with customer service to achieve.
Luke’s Account of the Issue:
“This guy tells me it can take 7-10 business days to resolve right off the bat. Then he tells me that I didn’t
order the device until 10/07 and that why I haven’t gotten credits. So I told him that was false and if he
scrolled up on my previous messages with the Twitter team, he would see I ordered it on 9/09. So he tells
me that he’ll try to resolve it but it can take 7-10 days. I say okay and cross my fingers that it gets
“I am using T-Mobile the next day and notice at the top of my screen it says “IDIOT.” I at first thought
this was some error or something. I live in Illinois and our Department of Transportation is IDOT, so I
was thinking this might be something like that. I didn’t really look into it until the next day when I logged
on and saw that right next to my line it says “IDIOT.” I never set up any kind of nickname on my account
and never leave my phone unlocked or in the hands of others.”
T-Mobile’s Response:
After noticing the change, Luke contacted T-Mobile support via Facebook and Twitter. The reps there
told Luke that he must have changed the nickname himself, or someone got into his devices and did it for
him. Luke says that in multiple chats, the rep said that the nickname was changed “by me back in October
because my account history listed a “profile change” on 10/12 (the day I CREATED MY ACCOUNT)
but I proved them wrong by going in and changing the nickname back to my real name and there was no
listed profile change in the account history notes.”
Luke appears to be right.

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