ASSIGNMENT: This semester we are engaging with fantasy and myth. For this assign

ASSIGNMENT: This semester we are engaging with fantasy and myth. For this assignment in particular we will be discussing a key aspect of any myth
: archetypes
Sage, Innocent, Explorer, Villain, Scholar, Ruler, Creator, Trickster, Caregiver, Magician, Hero, Hermit, Outlaw, Lover, Jester, Scientist/Inventor, Sidekick, and Regular Guy/Girl PROMPT:
Choose one of the above archetypes and write an exemplification paper that describes and defines that archetype by way of an example.
Essay (including heading) must be typed, double-spaced, using the correct font and font size (12 pt. Times New Roman), and must be uploaded to Turn-It-In via Canvas. Do not add extra spaces after the heading, after the title, or between paragraphs! Remember to select “Remove space after paragraph” in MS Word or Google Docs.
Note: In order for either of the theses to work, it’s really important that you define the archetype (sage, outlaw, etc.) in the preceding sentences of the introductory paragraph really well.
o Remember, your essay is about only ONE archetype. Each body paragraph is about a character who exemplifies that archetype. Therefore, you will be writing about THREE characters.
o Your essay cannot be about real people! Real people aren’t archetypes. Only characters in stories can be archetypes.
o Your characters don’t have to all be from different movies, books, games, or franchises, but it’s really rare for two examples of one archetype to appear in the same story.
o Your thesis can be about a certain version of an archetype, if you like. For example: the fallen hero, or the redeemed villain.

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