This work should be in Chicago Style (Times New Roman, font size 12, one inch ma

This work should be in Chicago Style (Times New Roman, font size 12, one inch margins, footnotes, etc.).
A research project prospectus introduces the project you intend to research. It shows you have done some preliminary reading and have some ideas about the topic and that you have figured out what things you do not know and will require more work to discover. Basically, it shows you know the material that can be found in tertiary sources like Wikipedia and that you have figured out what sources you will need to look at to answer more complicated or nuanced questions that are not addressed in the tertiary sources. A typical organization might be to have a introduction paragraph that introduces the topic, generally. It would highlight the themes and issues that are connected to the topic, identify some of the scholarship on the topic, and suggest where primary sources can be found and what they would reveal. The next couple paragraphs might give a synthesis of the tertiary sources – a simple overview of the topic – paying special attention to the unknown issues and themes you hope to explore in your research paper.
For example, if you are wanting to write about gender dynamics among submariners during World War II you might give a basic few sentences about the war, a few more about sub warfare, and a few more about gender dynamics generally. Next you would provide a couple paragraphs about the scholarly sources that are available. You might mention a few of most influential books and articles on those subjects of WWII, submarine warfare, gender dynamics at wartime, gender theory in general, etc. You do not need to have read all those books – good grief no – but you you should know they exist and you should have read the two sentence summary of each so you have a basic idea of what is out there. You could explain how those materials will give you context to approach the topic. And then you would want a paragraph or two discussing what primary source collections exist on your topic. You might note that there are letters from servicemen held in the US National Naval Archives which are available online, and there are quite a few from submariners so you hope those will turn up some good information. You’d explain there is also a website devoted to WWII veterans that has dozens of transcribed interviews and some of them include men who served on submarines. After introducing the basic history and the sources you think exist that may help you might wrap up the prospectus with a paragraph about what sorts of conclusions you think you may find, or how they may teach us something new. You might explain that it could reveal the men on submarines felt about their distant wives, or sexual anxieties, or heightened or diminished masculinity in an all male area. You cannot possibly know what you will prove, but put out some ideas and themes that you will be looking for and eager to discover. Show that you are not planning to just summarize tertiary sources for
your research project but that you have some sources in mind and some interesting questions to explore. And if you are feeling really on top of your game and organized, you might even include a very brief outline of the paper you hope to write. In my hypothetical example of submariners in WWII I might propose this outline:
● introduction
● WWI background
● historiography of gender studies on men at war
● types of showing masculinity
●attitudes about women
● families relations upon returning home
● How these men compared to others in other studies
● conclusion
That is an admittedly wild guess of an outline. The actually paper will probably not look anything like that, but it gives the reader and idea of what the author is thinking at the start. It is perfectly okay that things will change down the road. Heck, the whole topic may change. The purpose of your prospectus is to show you basically know about the topic, you have some interesting questions that go beyond obvious wiki sites, and you know there are actually primary source materials out there that can help you discover the answer. And please do not write your paper on men on subs during WWII–that was just a random example.
NOTE: The goal of a history research paper is NOT to summary scholarly secondary books and articles so PLEASE do not plan to do that. Instead, the goal is to dig into primary sources and make new original arguments (using secondary sources to help give you context and fill in some gaps).

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