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The Greak Hack
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In this discussion question, we will look at our social media usage and analyze if we notice any of the filters and algorithms that The Great Hack discusses. You do not need to post which platform you use if you do not want to but discuss what you notice in your feeds and does it reflect some of the issues addressed in the film.
Looking back on your usage, or maybe even this week, what does your feed look like concerning subjects, advertisements, or potential interests suggested to you? Do advertisements on those platforms seem to know what your interests are? Or are they entirely off? Do you notice that there is typically one type of news or political view that shows up in your feed often? (I do not necessarily mean news organizations, but are the general sentiments of the posts in your feed showing a pattern of topics with a “left or right” side?) In answering these questions, look at advertisements, other elements like “You Might Be Interested In….” or do you see specific family and friends’ posts more frequently than others?
After looking at The Great Hack and reviewing your social media feed(s), how does that make you feel? Is it a cause for concern? Do you feel manipulated? Are you more or less likely to use the social media platforms you prefer?
Consider these questions and write a response using the usual criteria. You do not need to answer all of the questions in these instructions; the intent is to trigger your thought processes on analyzing your own social media pattern versus what the film presents.

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