Task: Answer each question of the Situation 1 scenario. Please type out each que

Answer each question of the Situation 1 scenario. Please type out each question and answer. In addition, include any references used for this assignment (APA).
Situation 1: Although he has owned the Madison, Wisconsin, franchise of 1-800-Got-Junk for seven years, John Patterson claimed he did not know whether he was making profits, breaking even, or even losing money. Still, in February of 2012, Patterson was able to buy an existing 1-800-Got-Junk franchise in the Denver, Colorado, area. Patterson has reached his dream of recycling 100 percent of what he collects, and he is proud to report that his company has been able to prevent 75 percent of the junk collected from being deposited in landfills. Patterson tries to communicate to customers what he does with the junk they throw away, and they seem interested in knowing that their items are being recycled. And he tries to run his operation in as green a way as possible. He converted a truck using diesel to vegetable oil, and he is moving from using unleaded fuel in some trucks to running them on compressed natural gas instead.
Question 1: Do you think that Patterson really does not know or care whether or not he is making money? Can he succeed in two locations if that is his attitude?
Question 2: What type of background do you think you would need to run a 1-800-Got-Junk franchise?
Question 3: If you were Patterson, what support would you expect to get from the franchisor?
Each question is typed and answered in detail
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