Short answer questions 1. All research questions contain at least one independe

Short answer questions
1. All research questions contain at least one independent and dependent variable. Name the independent variable (IV) and dependent variable (DV) of the following research question. Which police officer sex is more likely to use a taser on a non-compliant arrestee?
2. Police corruption may be a topic of criminal justice research. How would you conceptualize and operationalize the term “gratuity”?
3. What is unit of analysis of the following research question? Will Black or White males be more likely to receive a citation for not using a seat be
1. Describe five broad topics for research in criminal justice of interest to you.
2. One issue in picking a topical area of research is to fill a literature gap in the area of criminal justice. The text provides one example, provide one other example.
3. Note that finding existing literature on a topic is necessary for research. Provide one example in which there in not likely much literature on a criminal justice topic.
4. The text provides a list from which criminal topics can be found. This list contains library resources and organizations; however, it is an abbreviated listing. Provide two other sources, not on the list for which you could find topical areas of research. Keep in mind that criminal justice is a vast area of study.
5. When picking a topic for research, it is imperative that data be collected and analyzed to an-swer the research question. You know that surveys are a good source of data, name two other sources of data

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