Read: Unit 3: Reading Assignments [Attachment] 247 Science. (2017, April 4). INT

Unit 3: Reading Assignments [Attachment]
247 Science. (2017, April 4). INTERACTIVE: Part 1: Identify the Independent and Dependent Variables with the MythBusters! [Video]. YouTube.
Mr. Sinn. (2019, October 23). Qualitative and quantitative research. [Video]. YouTube.
One Minute Economics. (2018). (2018, January 26). The sample size explained in one minute: From definition to examples and research tips. [Video]. YouTube.
Pew Research Center. (2017, May 12). Methods 101: Random sampling. [Video]. YouTube.
The Audiopedia. (2016, October 3). What is Operational definition? What does Operational definition mean?
For the ESSAY:
Each day, reflect on the advertising you see around you.
To what extent do you think that this advertising is making use of (or failing to make use of) consumer research?
Do you think the advertising itself violates some of the principles of ethical research?
***Note: Be sure to use in-text citation and provide references for your sources, including textbooks.

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