Reading Evaluation Assignment This assignment will help you develop more robust

Reading Evaluation Assignment This assignment will help you develop more robust critical thinking skills. By ensuring that everyone has read the week’s reading in detail, our class discussions will be more effective and inclusive of a variety of viewpoints. For each week’s reading, provide a provide a summary of the paper, illustrating your ability to locate and understand the goals and main points of the paper (minimum 100 words). Then, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the paper, in the following categories: how the organization of content affected readability (minimum 100 words), clarity of writing (minimum 100 words), adequacy of included content to achieve the writers’ goals (minimum 100 words), coverage of relevant theoretical frameworks (minimum 100 words), quality of methodological choices (if applicable), connection between data analyses and study goals (if applicable), analysis of past studies (for review papers and meta-analyses), quality of data analysis and interpretation (including analysis of past literature, for review papers), connection of the results to the broader literature (if applicable). create your own additional category. As part of your evaluation, describe what the authors could have done differently to improve that aspect of the paper, or provide details justifying why you think the authors did a particularly good job.
To achieve outstanding marks, you will need to locate, describe, and make connections to additional literature. You might find this resource useful:, including the elements and standards of critical thinking. There is no upper or lower page limit. To achieve high marks, the total length will need to be 2-4 pages of single-spaced text. Your reading evaluation is due at the beginning of the class in which the reading is discussed.
Reading Evaluation Grading Rubric For each grading rubric element: unsatisfactory = 0% of possible points minimally passing = 50% of possible points satisfactory = 70% of possible points outstanding = 90% of possible points Paper summary, 1 point Evaluated organization of content, 1 point Evaluated clarity of writing, 1 point Evaluated adequacy of content, 1 point Evaluated (or added) theory, 1 point Evaluated other aspects (e.g., methodological choices), 2 points Late penalty: 0 points for on time; -2 points for up to one day late; -2.5 points for up to three days late; -3 points for up to five days late; -3.5 points for up to seven days late; mark of zero points if over one week late Mark is out of 7 points

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