Please read pages 9 to 14 (last two lines of text are located in page 15) from

Please read pages 9 to 14 (last two lines of text are located in page 15) from “Assessment of Conditions for Implementing Information Technology in a Warehouse System:A Novel Fuzzy PIPRECIA Method” (file here attached symmetry-10-00586.pdf – Alternative Formats Click for more options symmetry-10-00586.pdf – Alternative Formats ) and answer the following question:
1- How would you run the described warehouse operation WITHOUT the help of technology? Please describe in detail how this operation would run; think in terms of activities, resources (labor, time, effort, etc.), complexity and money.
Then, please apply the content from the video in the content area, the book and maybe other additional resources online that you may locate and answer the following question:
2- How technology would help this operation (the one you described in the previous answer) to achieve effectiveness and efficiency? Please be specific about which technology would you use, why would you choose that specific technology and how would it be utilized. Please identify as many tools (technology) as needed to help the organization to achieve its organizational goals.
You must create a word document with your answers and should be submitted it in this drop-box.
Your answer must be at least a one-page single-space document.

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