Introduction -Open with impact = Write a brief description of how you will use

-Open with impact = Write a brief description of how you will use your audience to demonstrate a statistic or fact, include the citation and qualification of source to gain credibility and impact the audience by creating a connection between your audience and your topic.
– Thesis statement = Write a descriptive sentence explaining a broad view of the topic. In addition, write a specific statement of what the audience will gain by listening to your speech. Remember the relevancy and personal effect of their gain will enhance audience listening!
Preview of the Three Main Point Titles
-Use parallel structure and alliteration for the main point title wording as shown in the lecture and student example.
-Use informative content that uses “what or how” wording.
-Capitalize all words in your main point title wording.
-Create concise, informative, and short minimum 3 word titles.
Transitions/ Signposts
-Write a description of the 4 signposts you will use to introduce the next part of your speech.
-Include a detailed recap of what the previous main point covered.
-Explain how you will introduce the next main point title as it is projected on screen.
-Describe how you will move and maintain connection with the audience.
Body of Speech
-Write and list the 3 Main Point titles = Title wording will be same as the above Preview titles.
-Write Subpoints = use the specific facts (include 3 sub-points) that you plan to use as content to support the 3-main points.
-Summary = Informative Speech = “In summary, I want you to remember these important facts.”
-List and review the 4 specific facts from the main points that you want the audience to retain.
-List the 4 scholarly sources you will use to compile speech content
-List the type of each source (Journal, Gov. Document, Book, Expert, Documentary, etc.).
-Format your sources in APA style (see for examples of how to format)
-Add a brief description of the useful facts that you obtained from each source.

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