In this Module, you have busted some aging myths based on the facts on how norma

In this Module, you have busted some aging myths based on the facts on how normal aging actually affects a person physiologically, psychologically, and socially as well as the diversity of aging process among different individuals. You also learned some useful ways to create an age-friendly environment and interaction with older people. These tips can be readily applied to your daily life, work in hospitality industry or work in senior living industry when you are interacting with older employees or customers.
This assignment is designed to relate what you have learned to your daily life/work and encourage you to practice these age-friendly tips in real world.
Assignment Tasks:
Based on your learning, you are asked to do the following tasks in your discussion board
Think of a family member, coworker, or friend that defies/confirms your stereotype of aging. Tell us your previous age-stereotypes and how this person defies/confirms your stereotype. (please note that your previous stereotypes do not indicate your prejudice. It simply means that you had inaccurate knowledge of aging). -20 points
Based on your learning of tips on creating an age-friendly environment and interaction, list three things you will do differently in the future when you serve, or work with or interact with older people. – 30 points

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