I just need some corrections. This is the feedback from my teacher. I just read

I just need some corrections. This is the feedback from my teacher.
I just read over your annotated bibliography, and it looks really good! You have some excellent sources, and you clearly understand the main ideas of each. There are three things that still need some work:
It looks like all of your citations are missing the italicized format of at least one piece of information. Typically, book titles, journal titles, websites, and database titles are italicized. So you can either go back to each source and re-copy the citation. Or, if you know what titles are journals, databases, etc. then you can just italicize them on your draft.
Check the margins and indentations. I think that about halfway through the document things shift, and some citations don’t have hanging indents.
Last, and most importantly, the annotation paragraphs are mostly summary without much evaluation nor comparison/contrast to other sources. The one annotation paragraph that included more than summary was the Mulroy annotation when you explain why it’s an “essential” source for you. So, please review the advice for annotation paragraphs, and let me know if you need more clarity about what any of it means. And I copy/pasted this from the instruction sheet:
Write annotation paragraphs for each of your sources.
150-200 word summary and evaluation of each source’s strengths and usefulness
See “Steps for Evaluating Sources” and the “IF I APPLY” handouts for suggestions about what to write about in your annotation paragraphs.
Also try to connect each source to another: how is it similar, different, or add on to another source?
I’ve attached the original articles, the annotated bibliography, and the rubric as well.

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