First things first, what is the IB English Individual Oral? It’s a 15 minute ora

First things first, what is the IB English Individual Oral?
It’s a 15 minute oral exam.
The first section is a 10 minute presentation by you, the student, followed by a second section consisting of 5 minutes of questions asked by your teacher.
The IO is centered around a Global Issue.
The Global Issue must belong to one of 5 central themes.
For Language and Literature, you must analyze a literary work and a non-literary body of work. (This guide focuses on Language and Literature.)
Comparison and contrast is not a requirement (unlike in Paper 2)
Global Issue Examples
To make it clear exactly what we mean, here is a weak global issue as an example…
Chosen Theme Politics, power and justice
Global Issue “Increasingly unaffordable healthcare causing a health crisis in the US”
Why it’s a BAD global issue Unaffordable healthcare is unique to America and a few other countries, so it’s not the most global of issues.
Now let’s look at an example of a strong global issue…
Chosen Theme Culture, identity and community
Global Issue “Social media leading to both greater self-expression and malice, resulting in conflicts.”
Why it’s a GREAT global issue This is a better GI because it’s a contemporary issue and is relatable to many people around the world.
Here are some cool examples of what you should be asking to spice-up the global issue above with some more specific details:
What does “malice” entail? Is this malice intentional or not?
What types of “conflict” arise? The internal conflict of an individual doubting everything they read? The external conflicts between groups, families, or values?
This is where your creative juices can flow to take your Global Issue to the next level! Action step for you: Brainstorm deeply and broadly about your global issue to see how far you can take it. If you can get pretty far, then you’re definitely onto something special!
How do I pick good extracts for my IB English IO?
Throughout IB English, you’ll study various literary and non-literary texts in class that you may choose to use in your IB English IO. How you select your extracts can greatly impact your IO as they need to relate to your global issue.
Before selecting your extract, you should consider how well it can support your chosen global issue. To do this, consider breaking down your main topic into different explanations for how and why it is a global issue, and making these specific for each text.
Let’s read about Richard’s experience to see how he approached this process:
I talked about societal expectations placed on women for one body of work (The Thing Around Your Nick by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie), and how these expectations reduce their autonomy in Nigerian society. For another body of work (this was a collection of essays by Marina Keegan my school put together), I discussed how several different norms that affects general human life: having a stable and high-income job rather than pursuing a risky passion, doing vain acts of charity such as saving whales rather than making a homeless man walk to a shelter. Everything links back to the global issue, that is how you do not get side-tracked and remain focussed.
Use the picture below to structure the essay. Pick a global issue and then write a specific one. The first text is a time magazine ive put down below and the other you have to relate in 20 lines in crucible by arthur miller. You have to analyse with three literary devices and make sure to explain the effects.

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