, chapters 1-4, for completing Reflection Report #1 (due on Monday, Sept. 12th):

, chapters 1-4, for completing Reflection Report #1 (due on Monday, Sept. 12th):
1) Please describe 4-5 common challenges of leadership (Textbook: Ch. 1). Give an example of how you may have experienced or witnessed one or two of these challenges with a leader currently or in the past.
2) Describe the important components or elements of developing a “Strategic Plan” for an organization (Textbook: Ch. 2). Discuss any experiences you may have had with Strategic Planning with an organization, agency, or in an academic setting.
3) What are some critical factors to consider when designing a program or service for people who are in need or support or sometime of specific services from a Human Services and/or Non-Profit agency (Textbook: Ch. 3). How would you best identify the needs of clients or customers in a Human Services agency?
4) What are some important factors to consider when “managing and/or leading through changes” in a customer service oriented agency or organization (Textbook: Ch. 4)? How would you handle resistance to change?
5) Please watch the below Webinar via the provided link from the National Institute of Corrections (NIC). This approximately one hour long session is “Part 1” of a 3 session series that was recently offered for leaders in the field of Community Corrections, but it is very applicable for leaders in any Human Services organization. Take a few notes, and especially pay attention to the discussions around the unique factors that distinguish Transformational Leadership versus Transactional Leadership. What are some key factors that distinguish these two types of approaches in leadership?
If you have difficulties accessing the webinar via either of the below links, please visit the NIC website at: nicic.gov/learning-lead-inside-out Link: Learning to Lead from the Inside Out | National Institute of Corrections (nicic.gov)

please see attached.

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