Assignment Details: The development of treatment protocols for mental health dis

Assignment Details: The development of treatment protocols for mental health disorders for justice-involved individuals must be based on evidence-based practices. As a behavioral health clinician, you need to be able to analyze evidence-based practices for mental health intervention as well as treatment.
Use one of the cases that you chose for your Week 3 Summative Assignment.
Continuing in your role as an intern with the psychological treatment center for a local correctional facility, assume your supervisor has asked you to assist in the development of a treatment protocol based on research.
Include the following in a 1,050-word summary of a proposed evidence-based treatment protocol:
Research and describe at least 2 possible evidence-based treatment protocols for the justice-involved individual.
Propose 1 of the treatment protocols you researched and provide support for your reasons for choosing this treatment protocol.
Cite a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed journal articles to support your summary.
Case study Anna:
Anna had a long history of severe mental illness dating back more than 20 years. During her first depressive episode, she had killed her baby while suffering psychotic symptoms. She also made two serious suicide attempts. Anna has been divorced twice and now lives alone in a council house. She has an adult daughter who is deaf and severely handicapped. Prior to her last arrest, her daughter lived at home, and she cared for her with help from local social services. Her daughter was placed in residential care when Anna was incarcerated. In view of the previous infanticide, social services had always monitored the situation with regard to risk factors for her daughter’s safety; however, this was less of an issue now that she was an adult. Anna’s illness history is characterized mainly by depressive episodes with psychotic features. She had experienced episodes of paranoid thoughts when she believed her neighbors knew all about the past and she was reluctant to go out because she felt persecuted. Anna felt extreme guilt at having killed her child. When psychotic, she would shout that she was evil and deserved to be punished. It seemed that the guilt had affected her considerably to manifest in a negative self-concept. Even when well, Anna never spontaneously talked about herself in a positive manner at all.

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