When you write the obituary, think about how you would like your life to play ou

When you write the obituary, think about how you would like your life to play out if you could wave a magic wand and end your life having every possible thing you imagined you would want. The specific questions I posed (was married, had children) only touch on life events, so do not limit your response to those things referenced. That said, the assignment is deceptively simple.
As you write the obituary, you think about and indirectly include some developmental tasks (“married and had 3 children”=young adult task “and was a beloved grandparent”=middle adult task) “all the while carving out a successful career path in healthcare”=young, middle adult task “and working a homeless shelter until death”=generativity, morality or whatever you think relevant.
DP: Most people do not get to write their own obituary, but you will have the opportunity to do so, providing a summary of your life at life’s imagined late adulthood end, as well as the contributions others think you have made and what they would say when you are gone. Imagine what your future will be like (or what you thought it would be like). What kind of child/adolescent were you? Will you get married? When? To what kind of person? Will you have children? A career? How far will you advance? What will you be known for? Will you volunteer? Coach a children’s sports team? Run for school board or political office?
When you have finished imagining your life-review scenario, write your own obituary for the local newspaper.
Questions for personal reflection as you write your obituary: include the related content as you see relevant and comfortable to do.
How do the things you want remembered to connect with what career you think you will have?
What are your strengths that can be used to good advantage as you establish your career?
What are your weaknesses that can be changed over the course of your life?
What three words do you want to have in the obituary no matter the outcome of your life?
How can you use what you have said in the obituary, known as backward design, to plan out a roadmap that can be used as a guide as you age that will get you to where you want to be at the end of your life?

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