respond to the paper with an opinion on their point of view as well as your own

respond to the paper with an opinion on their point of view as well as your own
The COVID pandemic has disrupted many aspects of our lives and there was controversy during the November 2020 elections over the increased use of mail in voting. Some voters were reluctant to vote in person and social distancing precautions may increased the wait time for voters that did. Voting by mail was proposed as a possible solution. Many states allow for all voters to vote by mail or at least allow some of their citizens to vote by mail if they are elderly, disabled, or will be out of the area during the voting period.
President Trump, among others, rejected calls to allow for nationwide mail in voting during the pandemic due to concerns over potential voter fraud. Proponents of voting by mail argue that this system does not experience common or significant levels of voter fraud.
Read the following article as a starting point, perform your own research, and arrive at a position. Should a national voting by mail system be used for future elections? What role could Congress and the Federal Courts play in this debate?
Students should not simply focus on posting the assigned number
of times, but should put thought into their responses and create
quality posts. State your feelings on the issue and then explain why
you have those feelings.
• When responding to the posts of others do not make posts that
simply state agreement without further, or brief, explanation.
We’re looking for difference of opinion and contrast so avoid
choosing opinions you agree with to respond to, try to make a post
challenging another student’s point of view each week.
• If you have are having trouble with the above remember, that you
don’t have to respond and express YOUR point of view, you can
respond with a critique to their ideas that you may actually
disagree with.
• If students utilize information from outside sources in their
response posts, they must include a citation at the end of their post.
• Students should criticize the ideas of their classmates and NOT
their classmates. The instructor will pass on feedback to
students that demonstrate poor logic, grammar, etc. and
students will refrain from taking it upon themselves to do this.

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