How does a company create more value for consumers to beat the competition? One

How does a company create more value for consumers to beat the competition?
One approach is to gain a competitive advantage by delivering more efficiently and with more quality than rivals. Consumers may value a lower price, quicker delivery time, differentiation, or higher quality, depending on the target market. A competitive strategy is a manager’s game plan for competing successfully. The illustration below shows the five generic competitive strategies. In this example, the target market is divided by a broad cross-section of buyers and a more narrow, or niche, market which boxes to represent strategies for lower-cost and differentiation in each of these markets.
This week we are going to look at how Walmart managed its value chain to achieve a low-cost advantage over rival supermarket chains. Walmart’s strategy is to be a cheap provider of household goods. Prepare a 3-4-page report, not including the cover page and the references page, and describe when a low-cost provider strategy works best and when it does not work. Also, include the following key points:
What did Walmart do to establish cost advantage over its rivals?
How does Walmart maintain its cost advantages for consumers?
What are the keys to being a successful low-cost provider?
When does a low-cost provider strategy not work?
Include at least two scholarly resources

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