Since the inauguration of President Biden, thousands of migrants are walking acr

Since the inauguration of President Biden, thousands of migrants are walking across Mexico and have arrived at the U.S. border (See a NY Post article HERE from March of 2021 and an article from The Guardian HERE from June of 2022). The Biden Administration does recognize this as a national security issue and a humanitarian crisis. Their response to date however has been inconsistent. Keep in mind that immigration controls and restrictions have existed since the founding of this country. Recall that former President Trump made immigration a major part of his campaign in 2016.
Please discuss the immigration issue in America. Should the U.S. continue to build a wall on the southern border? Should the wall already built be taken down? Should the U.S. be an “open border” country? Open borders essentially means that anyone can enter our country, stay as long as they want, and utilize our resources without the requirement of citizenship. Does that pose a problem for U.S. citizens who are depending on and financing those resources? Wouldn’t unregulated immigration pose a threat to US citizens competing for job positions?
What is your solution to the thousands of migrants that are appearing at our southern border? And those undocumented individuals that are living and working here already? What should the U.S. do with them?
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