Research an art issue or an individual artist with special focus on a specific w

Research an art issue or an individual artist with special focus on a specific work(s) of art by the artist. The artist can living or deceased and the art work something you believe is significant. All research must be properly cited and will not be accepted without proper bibliography and citation.
Research paper due and posted by Thursday, July 1. Suggested length: 5-6 pages.
INTRODUCTION (1-2 paragraphs) Brief statements of introduction, directing the paper toward your thesis, overall position, and judgments.
DESCRIPTION (1-3 paragraphs) In sentence and paragraph form, provide the artist’s first and last name, title of artwork, medium, size and present day location of the artwork. Give “a blind man’s” description of exactly what the artwork is, in your own words.
ANALYSIS(1-3 paragraphs) A description of how the elements are organized in the artwork, and how the principles of design are used. How is the artwork designed visually?
INTERPRETATION(1-3 paragraphs) Describe the possible feeling tone, mood or ideas communicated by the artwork. Support your statement with specific visual cues from the artwork and actual research from outside sources. Note any interpretation is valid with appropriate support.
JUDGMENT (1-3 paragraphs) A collection of facts and relevant value judgments about the artwork. The value judgments should be linked to the artwork’s culture. Is the artwork successful? Refer to your analysis and interpretation to support your judgment.
INCLUDE IMAGES OF THE ARTWORKProperly identified with all relevant information in photo caption within the body of your paper.
SOURCES Include at least three sources within your analysis. Sources need to be cited within the body of your text. List all sources in a Works Cited Listat the end of your text.
FORMAT Creative title that reflects your judgment on artwork noted on title page; Title page to include: title of analysis, date; class title; instructor’s name.
Your paper should also include: The time period in which artist worked including any important historical world events that might have influenced the artist’s subject matter both early and later in his or her career. –What art movement did the artist work within? What characteristics define the art movement? Identify other artists who worked within the movement. Describe the similarities and differences between the different artist’s approaches to creating. Was the artist influenced by the movement or principally influence others? Discuss the artist’s technique – paint application for example, or use of digital media. Discuss the subject matter.
Suggested online sites and resources:

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