Good afternoon, Essays must be 1,500 words in length. The Works Cited page does

Good afternoon,
Essays must be 1,500 words in length. The Works Cited page does not count for your word count.
A clear thesis statement will argue for one side of the controversial issue and have at least 3 main points to your argument. You should have one paragraph, either right after the introduction or before your conclusion that acknowledges the opposition point of view but does not argue for the opposition’s viewpoint.
You will use in-text documentation to support your main points. You must use 5 sources, at least 1 primary (it can be two if you want) and at least 1 secondary source. You still need a total of 5, no matter what combination you use.
You will have a title that captures the thesis. Your title should not be Argumentative Essay.
You will have a works cited page that follows MLA style. Remember the entries are double-spaced, in alphabetical order using indentation only on the 2nd and, if necessary, 3rd line. The title Works Cited should be centered at the top of your page after heading.
Please proofread both silently and out loud for mechanical errors, word choice, and sentence structure.
Also, I uploaded a works cite page from source I found to help. you can use those sources to help writing the essay additional to your own outside source you may want to use, just need it to be added to the works cited page and to be cited in the paper.

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