Week 1 – Discussion 2 3 3 unread replies. 3 3 replies. Discussion Overview: In C

Week 1 – Discussion 2
3 unread replies.
3 replies.
Discussion Overview: In Capstone, you will construct and implement an evidence-based, small-scale change project based on an identified nursing issue in your workplace or the community.
The change component of your project consists of implementing a strategy to address your selected problem or issue. Strategies used in the Capstone course at Galen are educational strategies, policy strategies, protocol strategies, or technology strategies. The Capstone Project requires a minimum of 48 hours to successfully pass the course. Ideally, at least half of this time should be spent in the clinical or field setting with your preceptor. You will spend project time doing activities such as planning, assessment, literature review, coordination, and implementation.
Discussion Prompt: Be sure to answer all areas of this week’s discussion.
What problem or issue are you seeking to improve?
How did you identify or recognize the problem or issue?
What evidence from the research supports the existence of the problem or issue?
Include supportive rationale for your evidence from a peer-reviewed journal using APA in-text citation and a full reference.
Discuss the strategy you plan to implement as your change component and how your chosen strategy will be effective in addressing your problem or issue.
Create a timeline for your project’s implementation beginning in Week 1 and ending in Week 7 of the course.
Plan your timeline to reach the evaluation phase.
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