THIS IS ALBUM REVIEW #2 The link above b

The link above brings you to a site where you can download the book for the chapters that need to be referenced for album review 1. If you click the drop down menu you for download the mobi link is the best way to download in my experience.
Album Reviews
General Information
Album Review 1: Due end of Week 4 (Tuesday @ 11.59pm)
Album Review 2: Due end of Week 5 (Saturday @ 11.59pm – Last day of class!)
Album Reviews will only be accepted up to 24 hours late.
You will complete two Album Reviews over the course of this short five-week course. The first review will focus on an album you find “inside” your musical taste and the second review will focus on an album “outside” of your musical taste.
General Information
This class asks you to engage in various kinds of musical analysis, as related to a variety of styles and genres. Building on your music analysis skills, you will review two records of your choice. For each review assignment, you music choose a new album that inspires you (January 1, 2022 – Today!), in order to express yourself as a critic. You will not compress all reviews into one paper, but you will submit ONE review over ONE album for each submission.
You can have an overwhelmingly positive reaction to a record, a negative one, or, more likely, a combination of positive and negative feelings about a record. Given that there is a story behind every album, it is up to you to research the group, label, and/or producer’s history in the music world. You should also be aware of the perceptions of this artist in the popular/art music realm and how this album makes (or disappoints) expectations.
The album should have been released on or after January 1, 2022 (re-issues are allowed, but not recommended) – the fresher, the better. Using the website All Music (Links to an external site.), you can explore all kinds of possibilities, listen to sound clips and find out what albums in a particular genre have been released in the last year. The site requires that you register, but the process is very fast. Please also make sure you review a complete album that has more than 8 tracks. If you would like to do an album or EP with less, you must receive permission first.
Please Note: If you focus on a record released before 1.1.22, an automatic 25-point deduction applies. The goal of this review is to seek out NEW music and NEW recordings!
Album Review 1: Your Choice (“Inside” Your Taste)
For this review, you will review an album of your choice – from a genre/style that is aligned with your musical taste.
Album Review 2: Your Choice (“Outside” Your Taste)
For this review, you must review an album of your choice – from a genre/style that is not aligned with your musical taste. (In other words, this is a review that focuses on how you can “find” your way into music that you might not normally engage with or listen to or even like!)
Helpful Resources
Please Note: These sources align with the grading rubric for this assignment and are super-helpful! Please take the time to read them!
Here is a great “How To” site for record reviews. (Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)Some examples of other great reviews:
Ian Cohen’s review of GZA’s Liquid Swords (Links to an external site.): Chess Box Deluxe Edition: and his review of DIIV’s Oshin (Links to an external site.).
If you would like to see some of writer Douglas Wolk’s unparalleled work as a blogger (with a focus on music) please visit his website (Links to an external site.).
Formatting and Submission Guidelines
Your essays should be 3-4 pages, doubled-spaced, and typed in 12-point Times, Arial, or Cambria font with 1” margins on each side of the page. Feel free to write in more informal, “fun” language of a critic – with no fluff! Include media and images to enhance your arguments. (It’s okay if your media pushes you over the page limit a bit, especially if you decide to incorporate throughout your review, as opposed to including only at the end.)
Under no circumstances will emailed submissions be accepted. Please submit directly to Canvas. Please cite all source material appropriately (MLA, Chicago, APA – your style choice!) and carefully proof-read your work.
Please note: These essays are to be completed individually, not in collaboration with classmates or your team!
Required Content
Introduction: This section has an exciting opening hook and clearly sets up the import and relevance of record and focus for review. Please address why you chose this album. (1 paragraphs)
Album Review 1: Address how this album is inside your taste.
Album Review 2: Address how this album is outside your taste.
Frame/Context for Record: This section discusses the artist and their known body of work. This section must include an outside source (cited correctly): a previous review of the artist’s pre-existing work. Please do not include a review of the record you’re reviewing, but a review over one of their earlier records. This review should help you reflect on the artist’s relevance in today’s musical world, while also providing a comparative frame for their new record. (2-3 paragraphs)
Personal Spin on the Record: This is your take on the record. You should try to reflect back on the meanings and goals of the record, and what you find successful (or unsuccessful). What do you like about the record? What tracks stand out to you? How do these tracks support your take on the record? You should have a detailed discussion of at least two tracks, where you describe their sound and how they support your take on the record. Your discussion of each “track” should contain 2-3 specific, appropriate music elements. You must also incorporate at least two elements that Ratliff discusses throughout his book, referencing our textbook, Every Song Ever, at least twice specifically in your review. You should have two elements TOTAL and two quotes TOTAL (likely one quote from each associated element’s chapter)! You will need to engage with the Ratliffian elements at the heart of each week. So, each week will ask you to apply new kinds of elements to the records you’re reviewing!
Album Review 1: Ratliff Chapters 1, 2, 3, 6, 18, 5, 15, 9, 12
Album Review 2: Ratliff Chapters 14, 16, 4, 7, 11, 13, 8, 17, 19
Final Thoughts: This section discusses the meaning/power of the album in today’s cultural context by comparing it to other poets/ musicians and considers where you see that artist “going.” How does this record “stack up”? (2-3 paragraphs)
Media: You must include at least 4-5 pieces of media to enhance your review. This media could be album artwork, images of the artist, links to songs/music videos that resonate with your review, etc. Please carefully caption all artwork with a simple title of the image and source. You can include the media throughout your review, or just include it all at the end. The media will not count towards your page length. If media cause your essay to extend over 4 pages, don’t worry.

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