This assignment is based on reading and finding new articles in order to answer

This assignment is based on reading and finding new articles in order to answer these essay questions. The topic is regarding international business current events in the U.S. I will upload instructions and the questions that needed answered. I will also post the articles that are needed for this essay as well as adding others that you are able to find and add. The articles that are needed for each question will be labeled accordingly. The questions that need answered can also be seen here.
#1.) Starting in probably 2015, I included “Brexit” as a running example in my International Business classes. At that time, it was new and not very well known. The attached article, “Brexit Bites” mentions some of the economic fallout in the context of a current global economy that is suffering instability. Using this article and other(s) you find explain the current impact of Brexit on the regions involved and what has been predicted and/or recommended for the near future.
#2.) Continuing in the same vein and the same region, the European Union (EU) has had some tight membership standards. What is relevant now is that the EU has opened up a bit to Ukraine as noted in the attached article, “EU Recommends Ukraine.” Look back a bit and explain how the EU has managed expansion requests in recent years and how its attitude toward Ukraine membership has been consistent or changed over time.

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