Social scientists know that research is a continuing process. OFC Lightly chose

Social scientists know that research is a continuing process. OFC Lightly chose a place to start to consider his topic, but also knows he has many more pieces to contemplate if he wants to deliver the best possible community policing plan to help reduce the incidence of property crime.
OFC Lightly, in formulating his research plan, realizes something important. He has only considered examining citizen activities and attitudes in areas were the incidence of property crime is high. He believes the citizens, the geographic areas and the sensibilities of the community should be reconsidered; he realizes he must look at other factors.
Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas:
What are some other potential factors OFC Lightly should evaluate in his research? Identify and describe.
Why should they be examined? Explain.
What can OFC Lightly learn by looking at these elements? Explain.
OFC Lightly decided to enlarge his scope to expand his plan to the whole community, whether or not its members have been victims of property crime.
What do you think will be the significance of this information when gathered? Why?
What other potential measures and solutions do you think can be considered in his planning besides encouraging citizens’ active participation? Explain.
Do these need to be evaluated in this research? Explain your answer.
Reexamine the variables that OFC Lightly operationalized.
What problems might OFC Lightly have with his means of measuring his variables? Explain.
How might he overcome these challenges? Explain.
Where would you begin if given the assignment to produce a community policing plan?

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