Read pages 178-180 “Evaluating Probabilistic Generalizations,” which is about e

Read pages 178-180 “Evaluating Probabilistic Generalizations,” which is about evaluating data and polls, etc.
To evaluate the logical strength of probabilistic generalizations, we need to do more than find one or two counterexamples. We must, instead, determine whether the sampling of cases reported in the premises is adequate to support the probabilistic inferences that are drawn. This means asking four questions and finding satisfactory answers to each:
Was the correct group sampled?
Were the data obtained in an effective way?
Were enough cases considered?
Was the sample representatively structured?
Find a study on meditation. Add a link to the study, and answer the four questions above regarding the study you selected. Do you agree on the validity of the study?
Your answer should be a minimum of 500 words (your own words). Please spell check and correct grammar, as this is part of the grade for this assignment, in addition to answering the responding to the prompt in full. The due date is July 7th at 10 PM.

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