Please watch this video before you begin—click

Please watch this video before you begin—click
Current U.S. Drought Monitor Conditions for California – Click HERE (
Drought Animation (Annual progression of Drought Conditions from extremely dry to exceptions drought) – Click HERE for the website (
Annual drought progression for California- click
Steps to Complete the Assignment
Step 1 – Go to the “Current U.S. Drought Monitor Conditions for California” website – Click HERE (Links to an external site.)
Step 2-Click on your county (click HERE – ( Download HERE (for the Bay Area county map)
Step 3 – Review and Read all the “Drought Conditions” for your area. Select ONE condition, see the below list (1)
Sep 4 – Select one “Drought Condition” that concerns you the most.
Step 5 – Describe the “Drought Condition” you selected AND explain why you chose it.
Step 6-Use the provided template to structure your answer and include a screenshot of your data.
Tamplate and structure and sample response
is attached below in the file.(Screenshot)

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